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Penetrating Stains and Dyes

Transform concrete into a
highly polished hardened work of art.
Our stains and dyes are resistant to water,
industrial chemicals, oils and food stains.

Bring out the natural beauty of concrete or make a statement with color.
Choose from 3 levels of shine for your finished surface.

*Colors shown are approximate. Click to view.

Light Amber Light Sun Medium Gray Midnight Black Old Amber
Citrus Orange Royal Blue Safety Yellow Terra Cotta Red Valley Green
Beige Brick Red Brilliant Blue Cocoa Concrete Gray
Pacific Coral Emerald Green Fire Engine Red French Gray Hospital White

Acid Stains

Our acid stains produce varigated, translucent color effects
unique to each surface. The beautiful patina
is ideal to simulate the shadings of natural stone
or create artistic faux finishes. Due to their chemical reaction
with concrete, our acid stains become part of the surface.
They will not fade, chip, crack or peel.

Infinite multicolored effects can be achieved by either layering
colors or applying the stains over other coloring systems.

*Colors shown are approximate. Click to view.

Weathered Bronze Fern Green Faded Terra Cotta Dark Walnut Copper Patina Antique Amber Black Padre Brown



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